The manor house and the north wing (to the right) are in all likelihood extensions of earlier buildings. Initially paneled and painted yellow in the beginning of the 1800's, the manor house was eventually covered in white plaster during the 1870's. Further changes were made in 1977 when the color of the plaster became yellow ochre and the buildings woodwork was painted in green. The north wing is constructed with bricks that are nailed to its surface. The southern wing (to the left) is made using timbered construction. Both of the manor wings had plastered surfaces since 1856.

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Present day photographs
Manor house
South wing
South wing II
North wing
North wing II
Tiled stoves
Historical pictures
Oldest known photograph
From a distance
North wing
Manor house
South wing

The five apartments,
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The map shows the present buildings, compared with how the area looked in 1858

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